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Alan Wake 2

I would call Alan Wake 2 a “Game of the Year 2023” for myself personally. There is everything I love about computer games in it: horror genre, nice story, catching gameplay, stunning and near-photorealistic graphics, Stephen King's novels vibe, and old familiar characters I like. I think Remedy did an absolutely fantastic job here.


I didn't expect Starfield to be as good as Bethesda promised it to be, but I also didn't expect to like it much more than an average gamer in Steam reviews. I enjoyed its “NASA-punk” æstetics, some quests for different fractions, and classic Bethesda-style RPG system. The game has let me feel somewhat free in its fictional futuristic world of space travels and I managed to have some fun while playing it. That's already good enough for me.

Oedipus Brewery

Once in a while I visit Letterspace meetups in Amsterdam where type designers give talks about their works. This time, July 12 2023, the meetup was at Oedipus Brewery, and the creative director of Oedipus (or, “head of color”) Victor Brangolo told us how he created a unique typeface for using it for beer labels and brewery's promo materials. I took some pics inside the brewery itself and its surroundings. Big thanks to organizers of the event!

Apple Vision Pro

During WWDC 2023 keynote, Apple presented its brand new device in an entirely new market for the company — the AR-headset called “Apple Vision Pro”. That presentation was the most mind-blowing for me since so long ago and at some moments even gave me goosebumps. In this article I'll try to explain why I am so excited about Vision Pro.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Kingdom Come: Deliverance was released in 2018 by Czech developer company Warhorse. I liked that game back then but for some reason, I haven't completed it. 5 years later, in the beginning of 2023, I did it and I got a lot of joy while doing it.

My 2022

2022 was a hurricane of events. This post is about some of those events in my life in pictures made by me.

Podcasting Gear

Today doesn't mark any special date since I started my podcast, but it's been several years and sometimes I still get questions about how exactly I do it. Through years, I've tried a lot of audio equipment and different setups, and the last ≈5 years I use the same set of gear I'm happy with to the level I don't want to change anything in it. In this post I'd like to share what I use and what's my podcast workflow.

Casual Birder

Прошёл одну из первых двух игр 1 сезона Playdate — монохромной карманной игровой консоли компании Panic, которую они сделали в коллаборации с Teenage Engineering.

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy

Игра-кино, которая, тем не менее, приятно удивила меня дизайном монстров и окружения. Из неё узнал про некоторых персонажей, которые фигурировали в комиксах, но не были показаны в фильмах. С непривычки иная внешность персонажей сначала оттолкнула, но к концу игры понравилась даже больше, чем в кино. В игре больше времени уделяется раскрытию персонажей, поэтому сильнее проникаешься к ним симпатией. Ниже 203 скриншота, спойлерящих всё.

Магазины старья в Амстердаме

У нас в стране такое явление как «гаражная распродажа» отсутствует, а мне всегда была интересна эта культура, да и просто любопытно покопаться в чужих старых вещах. И, хотя, гаражные распродажи я пока ещё ни разу не посещал, в Европе магазинов всякого хлама и винтажных вещей полным-полно, поэтому я сходил в парочку таких в Амстердаме, чтобы посмотреть, что там можно найти.