January 15, 2023

My 2022

2022 was a hurricane of events. This post is about some of those events in my life in pictures made by me.

In the beginning of the year, I left my hometown Novosibirsk, got a dutch visa in Moscow and took a flight to Amsterdam.

Tolmachevo airport in Novosibirsk
In the center of Moscow
The last picture I took in Russia

On February 11, I moved to live and work in the Netherlands. After staying here just for 6 months, Amsterdam already felt like my home. Now I live in a beautiful apartment next to a lake where I can see swans and ducks every day. I already know all my neighbours and I complain about heating prices like a real Dutch.

My neighborhood in Amsterdam
My beautiful friends

On February 27, protested in the center of Amsterdam against the war in Ukraine.

Anti-war protest at Dam Plein, Amsterdam

Somewhere in the center of Amsterdam

On March 1, I started working in a very traditional dutch company de Bijenkorf. It's a very well-known department store across the EU. Besides a website, the company also has apps — which I design.

De Bijenkorf store roof in Amsterdam
De Bijenkorf store in Utrecht

On April 1, I've became a happy owner of an electric bike Vanmoof that I dreamed about for many years. Biked to 6 nearby cities around Amsterdam last summer and will bike to many more the next season.

Vanmoof S3
Vanmoof store and repair shop
On a road to Amsterdam Bos

After my russian vaccine, I also have been vaccinated with Pfizer.

In 2022, I traveled just twice. The first time was a trip to Turkiye to see my parents.

Antalia, Turkiye

I've already discovered and keep finding a lot of nice places in Amsterdam.

Oudeschans, Amsterdam
The center of Amsterdam
Westergasfabriek, Amsterdam
Zuidwest, Amsterdam

During 2022, I've released 36 episodes of my podcast Showroom. It could be more, but we've switched to bi-weekly schedule. Sent a lot of postcards to our patrons, and met 2 listeners in real life in Amsterdam.

My podcasting studio during last summer
Listener Sveta from Denmark

Previously, I didn't have any plants in my apartments, but now I have 5, including a banana plant and a succulent (and excluding a Christmas tree now).

One of my plants

On time of this post, I've learned Dutch for 380 days straight. Yes, using Duolingo. Next year I will take a real course with a teacher. I plan to stay here and naturalise eventually. To do that, I need to live here for 4 more years and pass some exams including a Dutch language test (for 2023, the requirement for language level stays pretty low, just A2).

Some of my 2022 achievements in Duolingo

On July 16, I received my Panic's Playdate console that I waited for a couple years.


On September 21, attended a concert of Poets of the Fall and met my friend Ollie Tukiainen who is a lead guitar in that band.

Ollie and me playing solo from “Rogue” on air guitars

On November 8, attended a concert of Lil Nas X. It was a blast!

Before Lil Nas X's “Montero Tour” concert in Bijlmer Arena

For the first time in my life I've dyed my hair. Tried silver/white. I was surprised by how good it went! Next time I will try something more colorful.

Me with my new blond hair

At the end of the year, on December 16, I took a flight to Oslo, Norway. I have never been there before and really enjoyed the city and especially a trip to fjørds.

Oslo, Norway

A lot of other different things have happened in 2022. Some of them I prefer to keep private, unless I post it here, in my blog. You can read previous posts that I made about my life in the Netherlands, subscribe to my Instagram where sometimes I post stories, follow me in Twitter or Mastodon, and subscribe to my Telegram channel.

Thank you!