July 15, 2023

Oedipus Brewery

Once in a while I visit Letterspace meetups in Amsterdam where type designers give talks about their works. This time, July 12 2023, the meetup was at Oedipus Brewery, and the creative director of Oedipus (or, “head of color”) Victor Brangolo told us how he created a unique typeface for using it for beer labels and brewery's promo materials. I took some pics inside the brewery itself and its surroundings. Big thanks to organizers of the event!

I am sorry for the quality of my shots. I am still learning to use my new camera Sigma fp L and Sigma 28–70mm f/2.8 lens.

A road to the brewery
Sometimes window peeping rewards you
Bike pump station called “Pompstation” hiding in the shadows
EA-sponsored (?) football club arena next to the brewery
Beautiful van, beautiful typography
Next to a counter inside the brewery
“Mannen liefde” means “Men's love” (both doors are called after their beer)
Interor details
The beer
Artworks of their creative director Victor Brangolo
Visitors enjoying their quality time
The Beef Chief kitchen at the brewery
Victor Brangolo of Oedipus Brewing and Edgar Walthert of Letterspace Studio
Beautiful building next to the brewery

Thanks for reading!